Adding content Add Item feature allows you to add files to your course site. Most types of files can be uploaded to Blackboard (Word, Powerpoint, images, etc.). When students click on the link created, they can download a copy of the file. These instructions cover the basics to get you started.

It is possible to add images into the text area of many types of items in Blackboard, including Items, Folders, and External Links. It is recommended that any images you use be sized appropriately to fit on the page.

The Create External Link feature allows you to create shortcut links to outside web sites. Learners click on the link and are taken directly to the linked web site.

The Create Internal Link feature allows you to create a shortcut link to any content item within this site. For example, you can place a link to a discussion forum or quiz right after lecture notes. This feature allows you to easily refer to common items, such as the syllabus, from different areas of your site.

A package file is typically a zip file which contains multiple files that link together, such as a series of webpages and associated images.

Electronic reading lists (RLO) can be created for every module you teach and a structured, annotated resource list is valued highly by students

Copyright may be an issue when you are adding content to a Blackboard site; for example, journal articles from information databases, images, video.

How do I add Skills for Study to my module site?

Step 1: Go to a content area in your Blackboard site, e.g. we recommend the Assessment content area.

Step 2: From the Build Content tab, choose Create Item.

Step 3: Provide a Name, e.g. Online Exam Video.

Step 4: In the content editor click the Source Code button on the toolbar. indicated by the two angle brackets < >