How can I add an image on to my Blackboard site?

It is possible to add images into the text area of many types of items in Blackboard, including Items, Folders, and External Links. It is recommended that any images you use be sized appropriately to fit on the page. Many pictures from digital cameras come out of the camera incredibly large in size.

Step 1: Enter your Blackboard site and click on the content area in the menu where you wish to add the item. Be sure Edit Mode is on.

Step 2: Browse to the folder where you would like to add the image.

Step 3: Either edit the appropriate item/folder/external link that you would like the image to appear in as part of the description (click on the double-chevron symbol and choose Edit) or create a new one (use the Create/Add buttons at the top of the page).

Step 4: In the Text area, you should see a fancy text editor with several menu bars. Click on the image button (circled below in red) to add an image.

Step 5: A new window will open. Browse your computer for the image file.

Step 6: Set any options as appropriate such as image width, height and border (In Appearance tab). If you leave these empty, they will resort to the default size and behaviour for that image.

Step 7: For accessibility purposes, add an alternate textual description of the image in the Alt Text field (In Advanced Tab).

Step 8: Insert

Step 10: If you have inserted the image, then it will appear in the Text area you were editing. Complete the creation/modification process and Submit the page.

The image will now appear in that item/folder/link's description.



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