Threshold Standards

Threshold Standards for Supporting Learning with Technology are to provide consistent approach to supporting modules. At Sheffield Hallam University, every taught module must have a Blackboard module site for providing core information to students. Other online tools can be used for learning activities, but should be linked to from the Blackboard site.

To ensure a consistent student experience, every module should be supported by a Blackboard module site. Where other online tools are used to support learning activities, they should be integrated with or linked to from the Blackboard site.

Having access to core module content helps students succeed. Consistent approaches to the structure and presentation of module sites help students and staff to engage with sites quickly and effectively.

Establish a communication strategy for the module, including alerts and announcements, and articulate how students are expected to engage with the site.

Students expect assessment briefs and grading criteria to be readily available for all assessments, and to access feedback and grades whenever and wherever they choose.

Legislation means that all materials posted online must be made as accessible as possible. This is to ensure that potential barriers to participation are removed for all students, not just those with declared disabilities.

This guide leads on from the Threshold Standards. It suggests practices you may adopt to take you beyond them, and they illustrate how you might take advantage of unique benefits of technology to further support and facilitate learning. You may already be doing some of these things, but seeing them in context with the standards of good practice may inspire you to modify, or complement your other practices.

1. Talk to others about TEL

Discussing your practice with a variety of people with different experience and viewpoints is the best way to understand the possibilities and considerations of using technology in your teaching practice. Some options include: