Reading Lists Online (RLO)

Electronic reading lists (RLO) can be created for every module you teach and a structured, annotated resource list is valued highly by students.

You can collect and present all the resources you refer to throughout the teaching of the module within Blackboard. Links can be made to online resources, library availability of print materials and digitised documents.

By including a resource in an RLO and requesting a review of that list you will ensure that the library will check the list and, wherever possible, make the resources available.

For full information about how to use RLO see:

There is also a series of screencasts covering the core tasks in RLO:

For further information contact your Learning and Teaching Librarian.

Need to relink a list? If you need to change a linked list:

  1. Access the existing RLO Reading List link. At the top of the existing Reading List, you will see the option Relink? To change the linked list or section click here.
  2. Click on the link and follow the instructions for adding a list to Blackboard.
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