How do I create a shortcut to a specific content item, such as an assignment, discussion forum, test, and so forth?

The Create Internal Link feature allows you to create a shortcut link to any content item within this site. For example, you can place a link to a discussion forum or quiz right after lecture notes. This feature allows you to easily refer to common items, such as the syllabus, from different areas of your site.

To create a link to another part of your site:

Step 1: In the left-hand site menu, click the name of the content area which will contain this link.

For example:

Step 2: Decide where to add the link: on the main page of the content area or inside a folder or sub-folder.

Step 3: Mouse over the Build Content button, then choose Internal Link.

Step 4: On the Create Internal Link page, at a minimum Browse to find the item you want to link and then adjust the name accordingly.

Step 5: Click Submit.


IG 27/09/2022

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