Setting up student groups

The Groups tool allows you to create formal groups of members to collaborate on work. Once created, each group has its own space in the site to work together. You can allow individual group members to personalise their Group space with personal channels such as My Calendar and What's New.

Group creation can be done by creating one group at a time, or by creating multiple groups at once. There are several different configurations for groups which are explained in this article.

Edit the group or group set and make your enrolment changes.

Instructions for how to prevent students from creating their own groups.

This article provides instructions on how to edit or delete groups in Blackboard.

You can send a email to all members of a group at once, or to selected members in that group, either from the Send Email tool (under Site Tools inside the Control Panel) or from inside the Groups page by following these instructions:

This article provides information about the way in which group members can access either the group you have created, or the group sign-up-sheet to enrol into a group.