How do members access their group or sign-up-sheets?

How members access their groups

If Group Available = Yes, members will see a My Groups area (on the left side of the page under the site menu) to access their group space:

Selecting Group Homepage will always take the member to their main group space.

How members access the group sign-up sheet

If Group Available=Yes or Group Available=Sign-up Sheet Only, there are different ways in which members can access the sign-up sheet, including Groups on the Tools page, a Groups link you add to the Site Menu, and from a Groups link you add to a content page. For instructions setting up the latter method, see article How do I add a link on a content page to a Groups page, a specific group's page, or a specific group set? in this knowledge base.

From the member's Groups page, available groups are listed. The member clicks Sign Up to view the Sign Up Sheet for that group.

When groups have filled up (if you set a maximum), they will no longer appear on the Groups page.

From the Sign Up Sheet page, the member clicks the Sign Up button again if he or she wants to join this group.

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