Online submission

This article outlines alternative methods to allow students to submit large or medial files electronically for marking.

It is good practice for students to understand how to manage the size of files that are produced. This article provides guidance that should be provided to students when they are producing work to help make files more manageable and smaller in size.

Where continued reassessments differ from the assessment pattern for the current cohort of students and a separate assessment is created in either the main cohort’s Blackboard module site or the old cohort’s Blackboard module site (depending on which Blackboard site continued reassessment students are enrolled), you must ensure that any continued reassessments are managed using Adaptive Release so that they are available only to the relevant students.

When setting assessments that require students to create a media-based output, video files can be uploaded and submitted to Panopto via an intgeration with Blackboard.

The Assignment tool allows you to set up an online submission point for students to submit their work electronically from wherever they are working. You access their submissions, and can provide electronic feedback (e.g. in the form of online annotations directly on the student work, or uploaded file attachments) along with their mark, through the Grade Centre.

You can set up a Turnitin Assignment which allows students to see their own Originality Reports by completing the following steps to create a submission point:

Due to students' work being lost irretrievably, we have decided to remove the function to clear a students' attempt/ submission. 

There may still be times when students have submitted the wrong file, but as we are now recommending that submission points should allow unlimited attempts for students, there is no need to clear the attempt. However, there is still the option to ignore the attempt. This allows for the instructor to effectively disregard that particular attempt, without the risk of losing any work.

Both regular Blackboard Assignments and Turnitin Assignments automatically issue students with an email receipt on submission of their work. Confirmation emails are sent to student university email addresses, and details are stored in the Blackboard site that students submitted or uploaded their work to. 

Accessing details of receipts issued for Blackboard Assignments

Step 1: Go to the Blackboard site in which the Assignment is set up and to which students have submitted.


Instructions for submitting first sit task level assessments

Instructions for subtasks

Instructions for submitting reassessments

Additional instructions and guidance

First sit task level assessments

Automatically created Blackboard assignment submission points for first sit task level summative tasks are set up with the following information and instructions:

These instructions apply specifically to setting up and using a Blackboard Assignment submission point for an online exam. Updated for Academic Year 2022/23.

Reassessment due dates can be altered, but this should only happen if there is a blanket change to reassessment dates. If advised of this situation, update both the due date and availability of your reassessment submission point(s) in your Blackboard module site(s).