How do I manage continued reassessments in Blackboard?

Where continued reassessments differ from the assessment pattern for the current cohort of students and a separate assessment is created in either the main cohort’s Blackboard module site or the old cohort’s Blackboard module site (depending on which Blackboard site continued reassessment students are enrolled), you must ensure that any continued reassessments are available only to the relevant students.

Continued reassessments that differ from the assessment pattern for the current cohort should be managed using Adaptive Release. This eliminates confusion for the main cohort who won’t need to see or access the continued reassessments. This applies to any Blackboard Assignments (submission points for online submission) and Blackboard Offline Assignments (for receipting of physical submissions).

To apply Adaptive Release to Blackboard Assignments or Offline Assignments to restrict access only to continued reassessment students:

STEP 1: If the continued assessment has not been created automatically at the start of the academic year in the Blackboard module site in which the continued reassessment students are enrolled, create the Blackboard Assignment or Offline Assignment for the continued reassessment as normal.

STEP 2: Click the chevron  next to the assessment name and select Adaptive Release from the menu that appears.



STEP 3: On the Adaptive Release page, scroll to Membership and click the Browse… button next to Username.


STEP 4: From the Module Membership pop-up, search for and select those students who need access to this continued reassessment. Click Submit.


STEP 5: The selected students will be listed under Membership. Click Submit.


STEP 6: This will create the Rule and only those students selected in STEP 4 can see, access or submit to the assessment in the Blackboard site and in the Blackboard Calendar. You will see that Adaptive Release has been applied to that assessment. Marks for continued reassessments should be returned to Student Administration in line with the guidance for preparing your marks spreadsheet.


IG 27/09/2022

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