How do I change my reassessment due date in Blackboard?

With undergraduate and postgraduate final coursework reassessment student submission deadlines for 2019/20 rescheduled to 6 August and 20 August respectively, you will need to update both the due date and availability of your reassessment submission points in your Blackboard module sites. The deadlines have been updated in SITS.

Step 1: Go to the Reassessment content area and locate the reassessment submission point.

Step 2: Select Edit from the contextual menu (click the chevron )

Step 3: Scroll to Due Dates and click the Date Picker  . Select the revised Due Date:

  • 6 August for undergraduate
  • 20 August for postgraduate

Nb. You will need to use the navigation arrows to move between months.


Step 4: The revised Due Date will now appear in the Due Date box. Do not change the time.

 Step 5: Scroll to Availability and click the Date Picker . Select the revised Until Date, which is 49 days after the Due Date:

  • 24 September for undergraduate
  • 13 October for postgraduate

Step 6: The revised Display Until Date will now appear in the Due Date box. Do not change the time.


Step 7: If you are ready to make the reassessment submission point available to students, tick the Make the Assignment Available box.


Step 8: Click Submit to save your changes.

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