How do I change my reassessment due date in Blackboard?

Reassessment due dates can be altered, but this should only happen if there is a blanket change to reassessment dates. If advised of this situation, update both the due date and availability of your reassessment submission point(s) in your Blackboard module site(s).

Step 1: Go to the Reassessment content area and locate the reassessment submission point.

Step 2: Select Edit from the context menu adjacent ot the submission point (click the chevron )

Step 3: Scroll to Due Dates and click the Date Picker  . Select the revised Due Date as confirmed by your department.

Step 4: The revised Due Date will now appear in the Due Date box. Do not change the default time.

Step 5: Scroll to Availability and click the Date Picker . Select the revised Until Date, which is 49 calendar days after the Due Date:

Step 6: The revised Display Until date will now appear. Again, do not change the time.

Step 7: When you are ready to make the reassessment submission point available to students, tick the Make the Assignment Available box (see above screenshot).

Step 8: Click Submit to save your changes.

Finally, remember to make the Reassessment area available to students. Click the chevron  to the right of the Reassessment menu item and choose Show Link to Students


SH 20/06/23

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