Blackboard Tests

There are 17 different question types. Click on the question type to learn how to create them.

When deploying a test, you can automate and specify with granularity the timing and type of feedback students receive on tests. This can increase the security and integrity of the test, especially if students are taking the test at different times.

Tests are useful for measuring, and providing instant formative feedback on, student understanding of a topic. Completion status and individual student attempts from tests are recorded in the Grade Centre.

Backboard automatically scores many question types, but if you create and deploy a test containing Essay, Short Answer or File Response question types, you will be required to grade these manually before students can see their scores and feedback for the test.

Question Pools allow you to create assessments where the choice of test questions can be generated at random from one or more question pools so that no two students will be taking an identical test. Each time a test is opened by a student, a different set of questions is delivered from the pool(s). This applies to each student taking that test, as well as the same student taking the test multiple times (where you permit multiple or unlimited attempts).

You manage assessment availability on the Test Options page. There are a range of settings available that can be applied to tests, including number of permitted attempts, time limits, availability, password protection, and feedback and score release rules.

Images, video and / or audio can be added to test questions. This step by step process describes adding audio will to questions within a new test being created.

We recommend that before going live with a test that you try it out as a student, using student preview mode. This enables you to review questions and check the test operates as expected for your students, as well as familiarising yourself with what a student attempt looks like when accessed through the Grade Centre.

When a test is deployed, a column is automatically created in the Grade Centre where student attempts are recorded.

A statistical analysis can be performed after all students have completed a test, helping you to improve the assessment for the next time, or to adjust the score of current attempts.

These are recommended deployment options when using Blackboard tests for formative or self-guided study.

These are recommended guidelines for the setting up, deployment and running summative tests delivered through Blackboard which students are permitted to take outside of class or examination conditions.

These are recommended guidelines for the setting up, deployment and running summative tests delivered through Blackboard under examination conditions.

The guidance below applies specifically to setting up and using a Blackboard Test for an online exam sat remotely. Updated for academic year 2022/23.