What feedback options are available when using Blackboard tests?

When deploying a test, you can automate and specify with granularity the timing and type of feedback students receive on tests. This can increase the security and integrity of the test, especially if students are taking the test at different times. You can:

  • restrict when test results and feedback are shown to students, both immediately after submission and later
  • select which results (score, correct responses, and submitted answers) and question-specific feedback are shown.

When deploying a test the default is for students to only see their scores when they submit the test.

There are a number of possible scenarios for showing test results and feedback. For example, you might only wish students to see their score immediately after submission, but full details of their attempt including the correct answers and feedback to each question once all students have taken the test and all attempts graded at a later date.

Up to two rules can be set up to show results and feedback to students when deploying a test.

Step 1: Either:

  1. Deploy your test if it has not yet been added to a content area/page. Or:
  2. If your test has already been added to a content area, click the chevron next to the test and click the Edit the Test Options link in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: On the Test Options page, scroll down to Show Test Results and Feedback to Students.

Step 3: Select the 'When' event that sets when test results and feedback are shown to students.

  • After Submission - Students can see their test results immediately after they have submitted their answers, subsequently if they still have access to the test link, and in the My Grades tool where the grade column isn’t hidden from student view.
  • One-time View - Students can see their test results once only after submitting their answers.
  • On Specific Date - Students can see their test results on or after a specific date set by you, e.g. the date when you know that all students will have taken the test and all attempts are graded.
  • After Due Date - If a Due Date has been applied to the test and this option is chosen, this will be the date from which students can see their results. Remember students can still attempt Tests after the Due Date if they have not yet completed their attempt or where multiple attempts are permitted. If you only wish students to see the test results after the test is no longer available use the After Availability End Date option.
  • After Availability End Date - If an Availability End Date is specified for the test and this option is chosen, this will be the date from which students can see their results.
  • After Attempts are Graded - If the test includes Essay, Short Answer or File Response question types which must be manually graded, the results will only be available to student after all attempts have been graded by the instructor.

Step 4: Select which score, answers and feedback options you want students to see against the parameters of the ‘When’ event.

  • Score - The score that the student received out of points possible If the test contains Essay, Short Answer or Quiz Bowl question types students will not see their scores until they have been manually graded by an instructor.
  • All Answers - Shows all answer choices.
  • Correct - Shows the correct answers for all questions.
  • Submitted - Shows the student’s submitted correct or incorrect answers.
  • Feedback - Shows the instructor-generated feedback messages for each question.
  • Show Incorrect Questions - Presents the questions and answers that the student answered incorrectly or partially correctly.

Step 5: If you wish to add a second rule, repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Step 6: Edit or select other test deployment settings as desired, and click Submit.

Step 7: Once deployed, students can complete the test. We do recommend that you try out the test using student preview mode before your students attempt it. This will ensure that the test operates as you expect it to and get a feel for what your students will see and do. Once all students have completed the test, you can access the results in the Grade Centre.

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