How do my students submit media files to an assignment in Blackboard for marking?

When setting assignments that require students to create a media-based output, these video and audio files can be uploaded and submitted to a media server (called Medial) via a Blackboard Assignment submission point.

There are benefits for both staff and students when they upload and submit video and audio files to Medial, rather than simply submitted as an attached file:

  • files are uploaded to a central publishing point and delivered back as streamlining media
  • files up to 2GB in size can be uploaded and submitted for grading (as opposed to 250MB for files attached to Blackboard)
  • content is automated transcoded to work across all devices from with Blackboard
  • submitted work is securely hosted
  • submitted work is accessed via the Grade Centre, enabling staff to view or listen to student video or audio assignments and provide feedback without leaving Blackboard
  • video and audio files can be uploaded and returned to students as feedback

Android is not currently supported by Medial. You should access Medial using an alternative operating system or device.

A Blackboard submission point for students to upload and submit video and audio files to is set up in the same way for regular submissions. However the way in which students are required to upload video and audio files differ from the usual way of attaching other files and it is important that this is made clear to students, along when any specific requirements in terms of length and format of the file. The step-by-step guidance below should be provided to students.

For non-media submissions greater than 250MB or media-based submissions greater than 2GB, you should request Q:drive access via IT Help.

Instructions for students submitting to Medial

Direct students to guidance supporting students in managing file sizes when submitting online, and inform students to follow the instructions below (rather than the usual guidance for attaching files when submitting online).

[Video guide for students submitting to Medial]

Step 1: Locate the Blackboard Assignment submission point for the task. Your tutor should have communicated where this is located and will normally be in the Assessments area. Click the assignment link to access the submission point.


Step 2: On the Upload Assignment page, scroll to the Assignment Submission area and click on Write Submission to open the Text Submission box.


Step 3: Click and expand the Mashups button. Then select MEDIAL. You do not use the Attach File options.


If you are unable to see the toolbar containing the Mashups button, you can expand to see all toobars by clicking the double arrows (top right of the Text Submission box).

Step 4: Medial will open in a new window. Click Browse to begin the upload process. (If this is the first time accessing Medial, you will be required to login using your usual network username and password. This is a one-time process and you will not be prompted to do this again).


Step 5: Locate and select the file you wish to upload and submit for grading. Take note of the file formats that can be uploaded, and refer to any specific requirements given by your tutor. Click Open


Step 6: Your file will begin to upload and a progress bar will indicate the progress of the upload. Once your file has uploaded (100% and the file name appears next to Uploaded File), click Next.


Step 7: You will now be prompted to provide some details about the file you have uploaded. You should only type a Description of no more than 1000 characters. Do not make changes to the Title, Category or your email address. Click Next.


Step 8: You will now have the option to view and change the Thumbnail for your file. Click Next to confirm all details.


Step 9: You will now see a message confirming that your media file has been uploaded. The message window will close automatically and return you to the submission page showing your media embedded in the page along with details of the file. Unless your tutor has specified any other file to be uploaded, you should not attach any other file. Click Submit to submit your video or audio file for marking.


Step 10: You will see a confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Your email confirmation will show that no files were submitted. This is because you uploaded your work to the Medial server rather than attached and submitted files to Blackboard.

Remember it is your responsibility to return to the submission page to check that your work was successfully uploaded and can be played back.

It may take a few minutes for the processing of your video or audio file to complete. Please be patient.

To play your video or audio file, click Play Media.


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