Feedback rubrics (criteria based feedback)

In Blackboard, a Feedback Rubric is a tool that displays the assessment criteria for an assignment. Feedback Rubrics can help students understand what is expected to meet the requirements of an assignment, and can be used by instructors as a marking tool to demonstrate to students how they met each criterion. Feedback Rubrics can also ensure that marking is consistent and impartial. In other words, Feedback Rubrics can be described as interactive marking grids.

There are two places to create a new Feedback Rubric. You can create a new Feedback Rubric at the point of adding or editing an Assignment or Grade Column, for instance, and this would follow the stages in in this article from Step 3 onwards.

Rubrics can be associated with an Assignment during the Assignment creation process. In the 3. Grading section complete Steps 3 to 8.

This article provides step by step instructions for providing feedback using a Feedback Rubric.

Once you have created a Feedback Rubric it can be copied between sites on Blackboard. This is particularly useful when sharing a marking grid across a subject group or department.