Marking work submitted offline

There may be instances where students submitting their work online is not possible e.g. a presentation or an exam, but you may still want to put their marks and feedback onto Blackboard.

This article provides instructions on how to add a marks and feedback for work that was submitted offline.

This article outlines the different methods for adding grades and feedback

This article explains how to access and provide feedback on a student's media submission in the Grade Centre in Blackboard.

Once you have receipted work received for a student, an attempt will show against their name in the grade column for that Offline Assignment in the Grade Centre. (If you have receipted work for a group, an attempt will show against each student in the group).

You embed audio and video recordings with text-based feedback on any gradable item in Blackboard (such as assignments, grade columns, wikis, blogs, discussions, tests). 

The steps below detail the bulk uploading of text-only feedback comments to the Grade Centre. For the batch upload of feedback file attachments, see: how do I batch upload feedback file attachments to the Grade Centre for assignments submitted online?