How do I record audio and video feedback directly in the Blackboard Grade Centre?

You can embed audio and video recordings with text-based feedback on any gradable item in Blackboard (such as assignments, grade columns, wikis, blogs, discussions, tests). 

Before you begin creating audio and video feedback, please note and consider the following:

  • The feature is only supported when using Chrome or Firefox on a desktop PC or laptop. It will not work on other browsers or mobile browsers.
  • You will need a built-in or external microphone or headset for audio-only recordings. In addition you will need access to a built-in or external webcam for video recordings.
  • The maximum length of each recording is five minutes. However, you can create multiple recordings against each submission or attempt.
  • Recordings can only be created from the ‘microphone icon’ in the Feedback to User editor on the Grade Details page or via the Full Content Editor in the Grading Panel. Recordings cannot be created from the Feedback to User editor in Rubrics.
  • If students have submitted work online and you wish to review this in Box View at the same time as creating the recording, you will need to login and open the work using:
    • a different browser on the device you are using, or
    • a new incognito or private window in Chrome or Firefox on the device you are using, or
    • a separate device (e.g. laptop, tablet)
  • We recommend that before you begin recording feedback that you practice with a short audio or video recording to check sound. You can delete this recording.
  • Feedback recordings are unique to each student’s submission. You and your students cannot download, share, or reuse recordings created in the feedback editor.
  • Recordings can only be played back online. Recordings can be played on most modern browsers without any additional plugins or extensions.

To begin recording:

Step 1: Ensure that you have logged into Blackboard using Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: From the Control Panel, click to expand Grade Centre then select Full Grade Centre.

Step 3: In Grade Centre, locate the submission that needs grading (or blank cell for a regular column). Click the chevron and select View Grade Details or Attempt {date}.

Either for a submission in Blackboard that needs grading: 

Or for providing a feedback recording where the submission was not made in Blackboard:

Step 4: Either on the Grade Details page, click Edit Grade next to the attempt you would like to record feedback.

Or from the Grading Panel, click the A icon  to open the full content editor.

Step 5: In the Feedback to User area, click the microphone icon  in the last row of the editor.

Step 6: In the window that opens, select the camera icon on the recording interface to enable your camera. Without the camera enabled, the tool only records audio. If you have multiple equipment capable of recording connected to your computer you will be prompted to select which to use to capture audio and/or video.

Step 7: Click the Record button to begin recording your audio and video feedback. The tool counts down 5-1 and the recording starts.

Step 8: Click the Pause Recording button if you wish to pause the recording and Resume Recording button to continue the same recording at any time.

Step 9: Click the Stop Recording button to finish and review the recording. If you are satisfied with the recording and want to share it with the student, click Save and Exit. If you wish to discard the recording and start again, click Delete recording and you will be prompted to start a new recording. If your recording reaches the maximum length of five minutes, the recording will automatically stop.

Step 10: When saving a recording, it is automatically given the name of the date and time that the recording commences. Optionally you can give the recording a different name. When you are satisfied with the name, click Insert Recording.

Step 11: The recording will appear in the Feedback to User editor. Optionally add further feedback, and enter the grade. You can create and insert multiple recordings, e.g. if you need to make a recording longer than five minutes.

Step 12: Click Save/Submit to complete grading. You can play back the recording(s) by clicking the play button.

Step 13: If you wish you can provide other types of feedback on the student work either before or after creating recordings, such as Box View annotations and comments, complete a Feedback Rubric if associated with the assignment, or upload other feedback files

Step 14: Students can access the recording with grade details and any other feedback you leave, by clicking on the ‘speech bubble’ against the item in My Grades or accessing the item. The recordings stream to the student's device and do not require them to download anything. Recordings can be played on most modern browsers without any additional plugins or extensions. Students cannot download or save the recordings.



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