How do I bulk upload text-only feedback comments to the Grade Centre?

The steps below detail the bulk uploading of text-only feedback comments to the Grade Centre. For the batch upload of feedback file attachments, see: how do I batch upload feedback file attachments to the Grade Centre for assignments submitted online?

This option first requires a download of the grade column from the Grade Centre to which feedback will be uploaded. Text feedback is added against each student along with any grades before re-uploading to the Grade Centre.

Step 1: Go to Full Grade Centre and choose Download from the Upload/Download menu.

Step 2: Under DATA, select the column name and ensure that Include Comments for this Column is checked. Leave all other options as default but choose a location where to save the file that will be downloaded. Click Submit.

Step 3: Click the Download button to save the file offline and then open the file from the location it was saved.

Step 4: The file will open in Excel. If marks were already added to the grade column before it was downloaded, they will appear in the spreadsheet. If no marks are present, you can add them to the column with the title of the assessment. Add feedback comments to the Feedback to User column. Other columns can be ignored and data left unchanged. Save and close the file.

Step 5: Return to the Full Grade Centre and choose Upload from the Upload/Download menu.

Step 6: Browse and select the file you saved. Click Open to attach it. Click Submit.

Step 7: You will see a data review screen. If this looks correct, click Submit.

Step 8: Go to the grade column. You will see any new grades you uploaded, and by clicking on the chevron next to a grade and selecting View Grade Details or Quick Comment you will see the uploaded feedback comment.


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