How do I grade and provide feedback using a Feedback Rubric?

IMPORTANT: Students can see a Feedback Rubric regardless of its visibility when they access the Assignment via the mobile Blackboard App. If you are using a Feedback Rubric for grading only and do not want students to see the Feedback Rubric before submitting work, do not associated the Feedback Rubric until submissions have been received and you are starting the marking process.

Before grading with a Feedback Rubric, it must be associated with an Assignment or Grade Column.

Before using a Feedback Rubric for marking, please read the tips published on the SHUTEL blog.

Step 1: Access the gradeable item in the Grade Centre or via the Needs Grading page in Control Panel

Step 2: Click View Feedback Rubric to begin grading using the associated Feedback Rubric


In Grid View, click a cell to apply that point value to the grade, or to indicate the Level of Achievement achieved on a 'No Points' Feedback Rubric. If a Feedback Rubric with point ranges is used, select the appropriate value from the drop-down list. To change the selection, click another cell in the same row. You can type a feedback comment in the Feedback text box that appears when a cell is selected.


Click List View to switch displays and select an option for each criterion to apply that point value to the grade. Select the check boxes to Show Descriptions for criteria and to Show Feedback text boxes.

You must not have both views open at the same time while marking as your selections and feedback comments will not synchronise between the different views.

If you use a points- or percentage-based rubric, a running Raw Total score appears as you make selections. You can type a score in the Change the number of points box to override the selected score.

Step 3: Type an overall feedback comment in the Feedback text box at the bottom of the Feedback Rubric page.

Step 4: Click Save 

Editing the Feedback Rubric after entering a grade will revert it to 0 (zero). Make sure the grade is re-added after editing the Feedback Rubric.

Step 5: Click Submit to commit the changes and prevent loosing work.


SH 30/01/23

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