Enrolling students

Students will be automatically enrolled on your Blackboard site as they are attached to the module in the SI (student information) enrolment system.

Course administrators or organisation leaders are responsible for managing student enrolments on organisation sites. Enrolling or unenrolling students is an immediate process.

Student enrolment and unenrolment in module sites is dependent upon their status in the student management system (SITS).

Course administrators have the responsibility for enrolling and removing students on organisation sites

There are many potential reasons why a student can't see a module site in Blackboard.

Students retain access to Blackboard module sites that are part of their course throughout their time on that course. This means that students who are continuing refer/defers will continue to have access to the Blackboard module site they were referred/deferred in.

Sometimes students may be attached to different modules or occurrences but need access to the same Blackboard site.