SI Enrolment - A student has been referred/deferred and needs access to the current Blackboard site

From September 2010 on, students will retain access to any module sites they are enrolled on for the duration of their course. This means that students who are continuing refer/defers will continue to have access to the Blackboard module site they were referred/deferred in.  Most of these students will only need access to the past module site and in that case, you do not need to do anything.

However, some students who are continuing refer/defers may need access to a newer version of the Blackboard module site, for example, the version that a current cohort of students is using.  It is possible for course administrators to give students access to a more current site by updating the student's SI (student information) record as outlined below:

Step 1: Check the student's SMO record for the module on SI. They will be attached to the module occurrence for the previous year.

Step 2: Find the BB field.   This holds year and occurrence information for the student's Blackboard enrolment and is used to link the student to the Blackboard site. We take the module code, e.g. 12-4001-00S, then take the information in this field and convert it to make the rest of the Blackboard site ID.  So for a student attached to module 12-4001-00S on 2012/13 A occurrence, the BB field will show as 2A, making the Blackboard site ID 12-4001-00S-A-20123.

Step 3: Update the field for the new Blackboard site that the student needs access to, e.g. to 3A if the site is for 2013/14.   Remember to check that the occurrence information is the same - occasionally a module may have a different occurrence code from one year to the next.  If this is the case you can change the occurrence code in the BB field as well, e.g. to 3B if the module is being delivered as a B occurrence in 2013/14.

Step 4: Once you have updated this field, the student should be enrolled when the next update from SI is processed.

What if the module has been revalidated/is no longer running?

You will need to establish the Blackboard site ID (i.e. the alphanumeric code under the site’s name on the front page of shuspace) that the student needs access to.  Once you have this, please submit an email to with ‘FAO CS WEB & LE - Blackboard’ in the title. Include the fact that a student re-taking a module needs access to a different site. Remember to include the student’s number, the module code of the module they are attached to (and its corresponding Blackboard site ID) and the Blackboard site ID of the new site they should be attached to.

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