Why can't a student see his/her module site in Blackboard?

There are a few potential reasons why a student can't see a module site in Blackboard.

No Blackboard site created for the module. 
Most modules at SHU are supported by a Blackboard site.  However there may be some circumstances under which this is not the case, for example if the module is newly-approved and has not run before. For more information, see the following article on getting access to a Blackboard site

Blackboard site has not been made available. 
If the site is unavailable to students, the phrase (unavailable to students) will appear next to it in the instructor's view of My Blackboard. Please see the information on making a site available.

Possible enrolment issues with the SI system. 
If a student is not ‘attached’ to the module in the SI system, the student will not see the corresponding Blackboard site.  Also, students can have their IT access suspended under certain circumstances, for example if they have unpaid fees. Staff should contact both their faculty’s Technology Enhanced Learning team and a member of their course administration team in such cases.


It is possible to look up which module sites a students is enrolled on using a tool in Blackboard.  This may help with diagnosing the problem.  Below are instructions on how to use the tool:
Step 1: Click on Check Enrolments in the Staff Tools channel.
Step 2: Enter the student ID number and click Submit.
Step 3: A list of the students' sites will appear.  If a site is unavailable, you will be able to tell from this list.  Most sites will also have a link to click on so you can see who the current site instructors are.
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