How do I request a new Blackboard module or organisation site?

These instructions will guide you through the process of requesting a new module or organisation site. The new site can be blank or a copy of an existing site.  If you are unsure whether you require a module or organisation site read the article 'What is the difference between a module site and an organisation site'.

Before proceeding to request a module site, please check whether a Blackboard site should already exist.

Step 1: Login to Blackboard.

Step 2: On the Institution Page, find the Blackboard tools module and click Request a new Blackboard site.

Step 3: Select the appropriate option from the list provided.

  • Validated Module - a module site for a module that is running with students
  • Student Organisation - an organisation site that supports students on a specific course or programme
  • Student Organisation - cohort based - an organisation site that supports a specific cohort throughout their time on a course (e.g. the 2014/15 cohort)
  • Staff Organisation - an organisation site for only staff to access (e.g. to support staff working in a department)
  • Validation/Development Site - a site for a module that is under development still (prior to validation)

Then click Next.

If you have selected Validated Module follow the steps below, if you selected any of the organisation options, you will be asked to provide details such as name for your site, then jump to Step 6 below.

Step 4: Type in the appropriate module code (e.g. 44-400177) and click Next.

Step 5: Select the appropriate year and instance of the module (in case there are several module instances such as semester 1 and semester 2). An instance represents a cohort of students. There may be only one instance if the module is only taught once in the year. If there is already a site for this module instance, you will get a message saying who the main contacts for the site are so you can ask them to enrol you on the site, and will not be able to continue requesting the new site (if this is the only instance).

Step 6: By default the site will be a blank site with no content if you keep the Copy Site ID option as 'none'. If you want to copy content from another Blackboard site you're enrolled on, select the Blackboard site from the drop down list of all available sites. This will mean that the contents of the site you specify are copied into your new site, without assignments, discussion forums and Grade Centre items (these cannot be copied between sites).

Step 7: You can add other staff members during this process of requesting the site or after the site is created. If you wish to add other staff members now, please search for them by clicking Browse/Add user. Then search for the people you want to enrol and select the permissions you wish to give them.

When finished, use Next to move to the final page.

Step 8: Ensure the site end date and the site contacts are correct and click Submit. Once you submit the final page, your site will be created within the next two working days.

Since some of the site creation process is scheduled, you will not hear an immediate response. When your request has been approved, you will receive an email notifying you so. Once you receive the email, the site should appear on your Blackboard site list soon.


SH 15/09/2022

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