How do I enrol staff to my site?

NB: Course and module leaders are automatically enrolled on Blackboard module sites.

NB: Accounts for external examiners are created centrally when they are appointed. They are enrolled automatically onto module sites based on data in SITS, though they can also be added onto other Blackboard sites using the staff enrolment tool where needed (see below). For any queries about external examiner accounts, please contact

To enrol a staff member to a particular site:

Step 1: Access the site you wish to enrol the staff member to.

Step 2: In the Control Panel, under Site Tools click on Staff Enrolment Tool.

Step 3: Click on Add User.

Step 4: Use the search box to select what to search by (last name, first name, email or username) and enter a term. Click Go.

Step 5: Check the box next to the staff member name(s) that you want to enrol. Change the Role to the appropriate level.

Instructor/Leader - Suitable for most teaching staff. Instructors and Leaders have full access to the site.

Teaching Assistant/Assistant - Suitable for most admin staff. Teaching Assistants and Assistants have the same access to the site as Instructors and Leaders.

Course Builder/Organisation Builder - Suitable for staff who need access to the site, but not access to student grades (the role cannot access Grade Centre).

Grader - Suitable for staff who assist in the creation, management and grading of assessments only. The role has limited or no access to other parts of the site, and cannot access a site that is unavailable to students.

Student/Participant - Used to enrol a staff member as if they were a student.


Do not enrol staff with teaching responsibilities on a site as a Course Builder. This is a role with limited permissions, and should be used only for people with a very minor role in a site.

The staff member will be enrolled immediately, and the Role column will reflect their new role.


SH 12/10/22

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