How do I enrol staff to my site?

To enrol a staff member to a particular site, you should:

Step 1: Visit the site you wish to enrol the staff member to.

Step 2: In the Control Panel, under Site Tools click on Staff Enrolment Tool.

Step 3: Click on Add User.

Step 4: Use the search box to select what to search by (last name, first name, email or username) and enter a term. Click Go.

Step 5: Check the box next to the staff member name(s) that you want to enrol. Change the Role to the appropriate level.

Instructor/Leader - Suitable for most teaching staff. Instructors and Leaders have full access to the site.

Teaching Assistant/Assistant - Suitable for most admin staff. Teaching Assistants and Assistants have the same access to the site as Instructors and Leaders.

Course Builder/Organisation Builder - Suitable for staff who need access to the site, but not access to student grades (the role cannot access Grade Centre).

Grader - Suitable for staff who assist in the creation, management and grading of assessments only. The role has limited or no access to other parts of the site, and cannot access a site that is unavailable to students.

Student/Participant - Used to enrol a staff member as if they were a student.


Do not enrol staff with teaching responsibilities on a site as a Course Builder. This is a role with limited permissions, and should be used only for people with a very minor role in a site.

The staff member will be enrolled immediately, and the Role column will reflect their new role.

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