How do I copy specific items or folders in Blackboard?

Blackboard allows you to copy or move an item or folder (which copies all the contents of that folder) to another Blackboard site.

If you have a small number of items or folders to copy, you can copy them one at a time between any module/organisation site and another. Instructors can copy or move an individual content item or folder and place it in another area within the same site. It is also possible to copy whole content areas usig the copy tool.

To copy an item or folder one at a time, follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Go into the module / organisation site you want to copy from.

Step 2: Browse to the item or folder you wish to copy and hover your mouse over it.

Step 3: Click the chevron  next to the item and select Copy or Move as appropriate.

Not all types of content have the option to be copied or moved. Many interactive tools such as assignments, tests and blogs need to be set up again or are copied in a different way.

Step 4: Choose the Destination Site you wish the item to be copied into. Leave this as the original site if you are copying or moving in the same site.

Step 5: Click Browse and a new window will open showing a map of all the content areas and folders in that site.

Step 6: Click on the link for the content area or folder you wish it to be copied or moved into. The window should close.

Step 7: Submit

Your item should now be copied/moved to the new location.


Edited: 29.09.2022 (CH)

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