Links to Pebble+ and Atlas can be added to Blackboard sites to help with moving between tools and to assist in managing assessments

In Pebble+, a 'Resource' is a blank template that has been made available for you to work on, while an 'Asset' is something that you have saved, created, or uploaded.

Pebble+ allows fields in a submission to only be completed by an assessor. This is particularly useful for allowing placement supervisors or tutors to add content to a student's workbook, such as activity reports, testimonials or reflections on the student's work.

Resources, such as Workbooks, that have been shared with you in Pebble+ can be found in your Resources store.

A 'Collection' is a useful way to automatically draw together Assets that met a defined set of criteria. They are a very useful way of collating on-going work or multiple files and assets into a single package.

The Embed block in PebblePad supports a large number of online services, allowing content from these services to be displayed directly within an asset. For content from services not on the list, you will have to add a link instead.

Pebble+ can connect to your Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive accounts, allowing you to copy files into your assets store directly from these other services without needing to download and upload manually.

Multiple Pebble+ accounts can be linked together, allowing you to access all content from one place.