What is a Collection in Pebble+?

A 'Collection' is a useful way to automatically draw together Assets that met a defined set of criteria. They are a very useful way of collating on-going work or multiple files and assets into a single package that can also be shared with others. Assets can be added to as many Collections as required.

While Assets can be manually added to a Collection, a more powerful method is to define criteria that are then used to pull existing and newly created Assets into the Collection. The simplest way to do this is through tags, so that, for example, all Assets are tagged with the project(s) to which they are related and a Collection created for each project will collate all relevant Assets into one place. More advanced criteria can also be set for a collection by using date ranges and Asset types, which can give quite fine-grained control. For example, using the advanced criteria, a Collection could be created to automatically collate all Reflection Assets, written in 2017 and tagged with 'Project1'.

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