Accessing PebblePad through Blackboard


If you are using Pebble+ or Atlas in one of your modules, you can add links to them to your Blackboard site. Doing this makes it clear to students that they should be using these tools for the module and clicking the links takes them into their Pebble+ space or the relevant Atlas workspace without needing to log in again. This method also helps you by automatically synchronising the enrolments of the Blackboard module with the Atlas workspace, meaning that you do not have to manually add and remove students from the workspace, and enables PebblePad assessments to automatically pass grades through to the Blackboard Grade Centre.


To add these links, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go into the relevant Blackboard site

Step 2: Open the section of the site where you want the link to appear

Step 3: Open the 'Add Interactive Tool' menu

For a Pebble+ link:

Step 4: Select 'Personal Learning Space (Pebble+)' to add the link

Step 5: Change any relevant settings (though, apart from the title, the defaults are generally fine) and save


For an Atlas link:

Step 4: Select 'PebblePad Workspaces (ATLAS)'. 

Step 5: Change any relevant settings. If this is intended as an assessment, you should make sure that the 'Create a grade column in advance of first use?' option is ticked and the options beneath it are configured correctly as this will enable grades and general feedback to be displayed in the Grade Centre.

Step 6: Click 'Submit and Launch' and configure the Atlas workspace.


The link will now be available, and you can move it to the appropriate part of the page. Clicking the link will take you or your students directly into the relevant tool.

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