How do I add a field for assessors to complete in Pebble+?

Pebble+ allows fields in a submission to only be completed by an assessor. This is particularly useful for allowing placement supervisors or tutors to add content to a student's workbook, such as activity reports or reflections on the student's work. The content of these assessor-only fields will be displayed as an integral part of the asset and cannot be edited by the student.

Any type of field can be made an assessor-only one, and this can be done when initially creating a template or workbook, or at a later date:

  1. In the template or workbook that you want to add the assessor-only field to, add or click on the relevant field.
  2. Open the right-hand 'Properties' menu by clicking the 'Properties' button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the settings list to the 'Privacy State' section.
  4. Click the option 'To be completed by the assessor' and a label should appear at the top of the field.
  5. You can now work on any other parts of the resource.
  6. Save the resource when you are ready.
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