SI Enrolment: Linking module codes together

Sometimes students may be attached to different modules or module occurrences but need access to the same Blackboard site, for example where a module is taught at both HND and degree level, or where students go to different subject boards.

If the module is delivered to all the students at the same time, then it is possible to set up a link on SI so that all the students are enrolled on the same Blackboard site. If the groups study at a different pace, or are assessed at different times or using different modes of assessment, then a link cannot be set up and the students must be attached to separate Blackboard sites.

To request a module link, submit a support request via the Bb-Support tab in shuspace. Include details of the Blackboard site ID for the site students need access to, and the module code and occurrence information for the students who need to be linked in to the site. The course admin team should be able to supply this information.


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