How do I create a link in one site that links inside another Blackboard site?

This article deals with creating an external link between two Blackboard sites, NOT about linking to sites together in SI, which is an acceptable practice when two cohorts are co-taught but have different SI module codes.
Generally we advise against creating a weblink between two Blackboard sites. There are several issues with linking to other Blackboard sites. For instance, does everyone in your current site have access to the new site? If they don't, it will be a broken link for them. Another problem is that we roll over sites (create a new version of them, with a new address) at the end of the new year. Because of the rollover, the links will have to be changed every year as the codes change.
Another issue is that while it is relatively easy to link to the first page of a Blackboard site, it is not so easy to link to a place inside the site.
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