What is a Wiki?

A flexible, asynchronous (at different times) collaboration tool.

"A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add and edit content and is especially suited for collaborative authoring." - http://www.wikipedia.com

On the Internet:

To set up your own wiki document on the World Wide Web, you would register to use a wiki tool then create the document - much as you would if you were using Microsoft Word, except that the document exists online rather than on your hard drive. You can then invite others to edit or review your document. Alternatively you can make it available to anyone on the World Wide Web to review, edit and comment on.

Wikipedia is one of the best known examples of a wiki. It's an encyclopaedia with over 3 million entries, all contributed to by people around the world. In Wikipedia, you can search for a topic and then contribute to the growing body of knowledge on that topic. It is also possible to see any changes that have been made to an article, who made them and when.

Inside Blackboard:

The wiki tool in Blackboard is different in that the wikis it creates are only visible within a single Blackboard site - only participants on Blackboard sites can see and edit the document and access can be restricted further to selected groups of or individual students. Wikis in Blackboards are a useful way of allowing students to work on projects together, share resources, and contribute to your site.

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