How do I use the inline grading tool (Crocodoc) for annotating submissions online?

Before using the inline grading feature, Crocodoc, it is important to make sure that the assignment is not visible to students either by grading following a display until date, or editing the assignment and making it unavailable before beginning the grading process.

This features works only with student work submitted in Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF format, and requires you to be connected to the internet at all times 

Please note the following considerations when using Crocodoc:

When you go into a marking session a 60 minute timer will start. After 55 minutes you will receive a 5 minute warning. Before the 60 minutes expires save the work as draft then refresh the page to start the countdown again. If you continue to add comments without saving the work, the comments will appear but they will not be saved. Any comments and annotations made within the initial 60 minutes will be automatically saved, and anything typed in the 'Feeback to User' box can be saved by clicking Submit or Save Draft.

Only comments and annotations added while you are connected to the internet will be successfully saved. Any comments added if your connection goes offline will not be saved and you will not be notifed of this.

Multiple markers can work simultaneously on the same marking session. The comments and annotations added by each marker will appear once you leave the marking session and re-enter. If comments are made in the 'Feedback to User' box by more than one marker, the comments made by the marker who most recently saved will display - and the same applies to the grade.

Step 1: From the Control Panel, click to expand Grade Centre then select Full Grade Centre.

Step 2:  In Grade Centre locate the column for the assignment set up for online submission.

Step 3: In the grade column, locate the cell for the student that you wish to grade. There should be a yellow exclamation mark  within the cell. Click the chevronnext to it, and select Attemp {date} .

Step 4: You will see the student's work displayed on the left of the screen. 

Step 5: To annotate the work on screen, click Comment. A menu of commenting options will appear.

Comment - allows a margin based annotation against a selection of text or a diagram, a highlighted text area, or a point. You can select the options for these by clicking the little down triangle next to Comment.

Draw - allows you to draw on the work.

Highlight - allows you to select and highlight text using one of four colours.

Text - allows supplementary text to be added to the work.

Strikeout - allows text to be crossed out.

Step 6: On the right of the screen is the Grading Panel. You may need to expand the Grading Panel by clicking the drop down arrow between the Attempt and Submission areas.

Use the Grading Panel to:

  • Enter a mark for the student's work in the Attempt box
  • Type feedback in the Feedback - Shown to Learner text box. In addition click on the 'paper clip' button to attach a document or file containing feedback, or click the 'A' button to open a text editor to provide more formatted feedback
  • Share comments about the student's work with other instructors or graders by clicking the Add Notes link

Step 7: Click Submit in the Grading Panel to save changes.

You can also quickly move onto the next student without re-loading Grade Centre. Click the move onwards icon to move onto the next student (this will also take into account any Smart View you are in).

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