Start of Semester - Add contact details for staff

A common student request is for Blackboard sites to provide contact details for staff. The Staff Details section of your Blackboard can be used to provide this information.

Ensure that the Staff Details section of your Blackboard site is as up-to-date as possible, providing information such as room location, preferred method and hours of contact and ideally also a photograph of each staff member. This will help students to recognise members of staff affiliated with the module.

If the module has run before, remember to check staff profiles for information that is out of date by updating or removing information.

This information is easily updated using the following steps:

Step 1: Select Staff Details from the left-hand site menu.

Step 2: Click on Create Profile to add new information contact information or photos. Edit can be used to change existing profiles (access this by clicking on the chevron next to the profile you want to change).


Sometimes people create folders instead of profiles in Staff Details. Be sure to click Create Profile, not Create Folder when adding an individual staff profile.



SH 12/10/22

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