How do I see contributions to a wiki?

Wiki: Participation Summary (Not Graded)

For a wiki that is not set up to be graded, you will see the Participation Summary button at the top right of the wiki space.

Step 1: For the wiki to be analysed, click the Participation Summary button

Step 2: Find the user in the table. The data captured for each individual who has contributed to this wiki is described below:

Page Versions: Select a user's name to view information about the Wiki pages. The Page Version column displays all pages created and edited by the user. A new version is created each time a page is edited. When versions are compared, the difference between any version and its previous version are shown on the Page Comparison page.

Words Modified: Words Modified are any words added, deleted, or edited.

Page Saves: A Page Save refers to any time Submit is clicked on the Edit Wiki page regardless of whether or not content has been changed.

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