Introduction to shuspace

shuspace is Sheffield Hallam University's student portal, through which students access a vast range of information, as well as their email, timetables and Blackboard sites.

Staff also use shuspace - mainly for accessing Blackboard sites, though they can also see the full range of information and may personalise shuspace if they wish.

For students shuspace is arranged into five tabs, for staff it includes a sixth - Blackboard support:

  • My SHU - contains all the generic tools that students need, including email, timetables and Blackboard sites
  • Learning Essentials - focusses on the guidance and resources that students need to support their study
  • University Life - contains practical information and advice about being a student here, and raises awareness of opportunities
  • Employability - includes careers, jobs and guidance on maximising your employability
  • Help & Support - gives a direct routes to help and information that students need
  • Blackboard support - is only seen by staff, it provides guidance and routes to support for using Blackboard and e-learning

There is also an excellent search facility, to help you find answers to all sorts of things, including:

  • How to print in the Learning Centres or to book a PC
  • Where you should leave your bike or find a cash machine on campus
  • Who students can talk to when they need help, or where to find a doctor

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