What instructions are recommended to be provided for students for Offline Assignments?

Automatically created Blackboard Offline Assignments (where a receipt can be issued for work that cannot be submitted online) for summative tasks and subtasks are set up with the following information and instructions:

  • You MUST hand in/complete your work for the task named above at the location advised by your tutor.
  • If handing in your work, please complete a hand in cover sheet and attach this to your assignment. A receipt confirming that your work has been received will be emailed to you.
  • If you are submitting up to 24 hours after the deadline without an approved extension, you can notify us of any extenuating circumstances via the Request Extension to Submission Deadline process in My Student Record. It is important that you do this immediately following submission of your work.
  • Further guidance about submitting work can be found in Assessment4Students.

You should retain the above information (and we recommend that you also include the same instructions for all Blackboard Offline Assigments for summative tasks and subtasks that you manually create). This information can be supplemented with further instructions relevant to the assignment, including:

  • A statement of learning outcomes to be assessed and the criteria for the assessment. (NB. You might like to associate a Feedback Rubric to present this information).
  • Deadline for submission. (NB. This will normally be entered as the Due Date and Time).
  • Location for submission (e.g. faculty helpdesk, studio)
  • Where else on the Blackboard site students might find other information relevant to the assignment (e.g. in the Module Documents section, elsewhere in Assessment etc.).
  • An email (and/or phone) contact for any problems.
  • An anticipated date for the return of marked work and how it will be returned. 
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