What is the difference between a module site and an organisation site?

There are two different types of Blackboard sites, module sites and organisations. Module sites and organisation sites are identical in functionality, however they are used differently.

Module sites

These sites are used for validated modules. Module-specific learning materials and activities should be put into a module site. Students are enrolled automatically on sites for all modules based on the module and occurence code for the site. Each unique module cohort should have its own module Blackboard site. If there are two different cohorts (HND and BA students, for instance) who are taught the same materials at the same time, they can share a module site.  Module sites that students have completed are available to them throughout their course lifetime in the Modules channel so they can review past materials and feedback.

Organisation sites

These sites are used to support courses, programmes, student societies and other purposes such as staff groups. They should not contain any information specific to one particular module, as they will be available to all students in the organisation. Organisational site enrolments are done manually by local staff, normally course administrators. Please check arrangements with your subject group leader. Organisation sites are for communication and support outside of a module context, not for storing module learning materials.  As such they are not archived beyond their end dates like module sites.


Last updated: 20.12.22

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