How can I access module sites from previous years?

Module sites are available on the system as long as a student who took that module is still on that course. However having all past module sites show up in the main list of Blackboard sites would be confusing.

To help with this, staff and students have access to two tabs in the Blackboard Sites channel in shuspace.  The Current Sites tab shows you sites from the current academic year.  The All Sites tab shows you all sites available to you, arranged by academic year.

Staff and students have control over which of their sites shows up in the Current Sites channel.  For instance you can bring an older site that you use frequently into the Current Sites tab or hide a site that is showing up in your Current Sites tab which you do not use often. To do this:

  1. Go to the MySHU tab in shuspace
  2. Click on the chevron next to the site name that you want to show or hide from Current Sites
  3. Select Hide from Current Sites or List in Current Sites (only one option is available, depending on the current visibility of the site in the Current Sites tab).


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