How do I check Turnitin Originality Reports?

Depending on when Originality Reports have been set to be generated (i.e. as soon as they submit their work to a Turnitin Assignment, or only on the due date for the Turnitin Assignment), students will be be able to see their own report and use them as a source of feedback to improve their academic writing and referencing. However, they often need guidance from tutors in understanding what the reports mean and how they can be used to improve their original work. A series of support videos about Turnitin for students are available that you might like to refer your students to.

You can also view the Originality Reports generated for your students:
Step 1: Expand the Site Tools section of the Control Panel.
Step 2: Click TurnitinUK Assignments.
Step 3: Find the name of the Turnitin Assignment you want to see Originality Reports for and click View. In the Report column you should see a percentage score (or Similarity Index) for each student. This indicates the overall percentage of text matched (a higher percentage means more text matched sources in the database) in that student's submission. Reports may not be generated for some time after a student has submitted, depending on how many people are using the service.

Step 4: To view the full Originality Report click on the percentage score (Similarity Index).

Further information

There are a series of support videos available about Turnitin for students, you might find the video demonstrating and explaining how to access and interpret Originality Reports particularly useful.

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