How do I add audio to a test?

How do I add audio to a test?

Audio can be added to test questions. The step by step process below assumes audio will be added to questions within a new test being created.

Step 1: You can start creating a test in your site by either going to:

  1. Control Panel > Site Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests > Build Test. Or:
  2. a Content Area > Create Assessment > Tests > Create

Step 2: On the Test Information page enter a Name, Description and Instructions for students taking the test. Click Submit.

Step 3: On the Test Canvas:

  1. Click Create Question and choose a question type. Read this article for information about creating each different question type, and this article for good practice guidance when creating and using each question type.
  2. Ensure the Question Text editor is fully expanded. If the Question Text editor looks like this …

     … Click the Show More button  to display all toolbars and available options.

  3. Add the question text and where you would like to insert the audio, click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button  (this is the fourth button from the left on the bottom toolbar in the Question Text editor).
  4. The Insert/Edit Embedded Media window will open. Look for and click Browse My Computer. The Explorer/Finder window will open. Locate and select the audio file and click Open. The Explorer/Finder window will close. Finally click Insert on the Insert/Edit Embedded Media window, and your media will be embedded within the question text.
  5. Complete authoring the question (i.e. adding the answer choices etc), and continue creating any further questions by either clicking the Create Question button or clicking the ‘plus’ symbol that appears above or below existing questions to position the new questions where you would like them to appear in the test.
  6. When all questions have been added, click OK.

 Step 4: Add the test to the content area, either:

  1. If you started creating a test by going to a Content Area, the Add Test page automatically appears and next to Add an Existing Test pre-selects the test you just created. Simply click Submit. Or:
  2. If you started creating a test by going to the Tests, Surveys and Pools area of Control Panel, now go to a Content Area > Create Assessment and next to Add an Existing Test, select the name of the test and click Submit.

Step 5: The test is created and linked on the page, and you now see the Test Options page to set deployment options. Read this article for information about the different deployment options.

Step 6: Once deployed, students can complete the test. We do recommend that you try out the test using student preview mode before your students attempt it. This will ensure that the test operates as you expect it to and get a feel for what your students will see and do. Once all students have completed the test, you can access the results in the Grade Centre.

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