TEL Support Contacts

Technology Enhanced Learning Support

General queries

For general e-learning queries and trouble-shooting, please call IT Help on x3333 (option 2). Alternately you can submit a request online using a web form available in the Bb-support tab in shuspace. If you submit a request via the web form, you will receive responses via email.

Faculty / Directorate e-learning contacts

Your faculty e-learning contact is available to meet with you for a more in-depth discussion of e-learning curriculum design and to provide a variety of support and guidance. This can take a variety of forms ranging from an informal chat to more in depth, tailored individual or group sessions. Below is a list of the faculty TEL/e-learning contacts:

HWB: David Beasant (x2395), Neil Mayne (x5703), Emma Gibson (x3371) and Joe Reaney (x4406)
SBS: Jason Ruffell (x5213), Tamsin Carr (x3293), Nicole Warwick (x4169) and Ben Remy (x2337)
SSH: Juliun Ryan (x6263), Richard McCarter (x6215) and David Darwent (x3549)
STA: Lee Coddington (x6307) and Peter Shaw (x5824)

Central Directorates: shared responsibilities, coordinated via the IT Help team - x3333 (option 2)

Other TEL related contacts

For Learning and Information Services contact your Faculty Team

For media and copyright questions contact the Media Materials and Copyright team

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