How do I send email to my students?

Instructors  (and students if the Email tool is added to your site menu) can send email to individuals who participate in a particular Blackboard site from the Send Email page.  Emails can be sent to individual users or to groups of users within the site. You cannot send email to users who are not enrolled in the site.  Note, when using the Send Email tool to email multiple users, other users' email addresses are not displayed to each recipient.

You cannot receive email WITHIN the site. Email messages are delivered to the recipient's SHU email address. Students have the option of configuring their SHU email address so it can be forwarded onwards to a personal or work email if they wish.

To access the Send Email tool:

Step 1: In the Control Panel, expand Site Tools and select Send Email.

Step 2: Decide who you want to send email to.

Click on the appropriate link for the audience you want to send the email to. All Users is used when you want to send something to everyone.

Choose the Single/Select Users or Single/Select Groups options if you wish to send an email to only some individuals on the site.

If the email is intended for a select audience, an interface for selecting users will appear.

Click on a name in the Available to Select area and then click the right arrow button to move it into the Selected area (this is the recipient list). To remove a user out of the recipient list (the Selected Items area), click on their name then on the left arrow button.

Step 3: Type your Subject and Message.

Step 4: If you want to add an attachment, click Attach a file and Browse to locate a file on your computer to send as an attachment with your email.

After adding the file, a remove link is provided if you decide you don't want to include the attached file after all.

When you add an attachment, that attached file will reside in Blackboard and users receive a link to it via the email message. Users can only open the attachment if they are logged into Blackboard.

Step 5: Click Submit to send the email.

You will see a confirmation listing all the users who were sent the message. The confirmation does not confirm that users received the email. It only confirms that the message was sent.


SH 27/10/2023

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