What resources are there to support Collaborate?

If you are interested in using Collaborate, a space for hosting online meetings, you can either set it up via a Blackboard site or, if you are not a Blackboard user, request a Collaborate session via DTS.

We recommend running Collaborate inside the Chrome browser for the best experience.

There are some resources available to support staff using Collaborate. These resources are produced and kept up to date by Blackboard the company. We will add any relevant Sheffield Hallam resources as we find them necessary and create them.

Setting up a Collaborate session in Blackboard

If you wish to use Collaborate inside of a Blackboard site, we recommend adding it to your Blackboard site menu. You can do this by clicking the + symbol above the menu, then selecting Tool Link. Put in a name and select the tool Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (be sure to tick that it is available to students).

Once that is added to your site menu, both yourself and students can access your Collaborate room by going to that menu item then clicking on the Join Room button.

If you wish to provide a link to any students, then you should click Edit Room then select to Allow Guests. You will be given a URL you can give to any user.

To access your recordings, click the burger menu  in the top left hand corner of the tool and then click 'Recordings'. 

Getting started for moderators: tips on running a smooth session and screenshots of Collaborate.

Getting started for participants: overview of accessing and understanding Collaborate sessions.



SH 09/11/22

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