PebblePad (Pebble+ and ATLAS)


PebblePad currently consists of two components: Pebble+ and ATLAS. 

Pebble+ is a Personal Learning Space which is used to record evidence of activity and reflection on personal/professional development. It also allows resources to be shared with others or submitted for assessment through ATLAS (Active Teaching and Learning Space).

ATLAS is the institutional space which can be created from a Blackboard module site. It is mainly used as a submission space and allows tutors to manage those submissions, monitor progress, provide formative and summative feedback and apply grades, if applicable. If your ATLAS site is created from your Blackboard site, students and tutors are synced and grades will feed into Grade Centre.


The online help site for PebblePad contains a large amount of information on using the tool, including Frequently Asked Questions and narrated videos of the tools in action. If you would like to learn more about PebblePad and how you might integrate this into your teaching, learning and assessment then you can contact your TEL team.

How to access

All students and staff have PebblePad accounts available to them. You can access your PebblePad account using your standard SHU login details via Alternatively, if you have enabled PebblePad tools on your Blackboard module site you can access it from there.


Common queries

Edit mode

Before you can add to your asset, check whether the you are in edit mode (and not preview mode).

Keyboard shortcuts

The current flash version of PebblePad requires you to use keyboard shortcuts for copy (‘Ctrl’ and 'c') and paste ('Ctrl' and 'v') as opposed to using the right mouse button.

Free alumni account

SHU Students and staff are entitled to a free PebblePad account for life. Students (and staff) will need to activate a free alumni account before they leave the university whilst their SHU login details are still active. See this step by step guide on how to activate a free alumni account.

Internet browser settings

If you are having issues accessing PebblePad in your internet browser check the recommended browser settings for PebblePad.


Some common uses

  • One of the most common uses of PebblePad is moving from paper based portfolios to eportfolios.
  • Using Webfolios to allow students to capture CPD and create CVs for showcasing themselves professionally to employers.
  • Using electronic workbooks to to replace paper based resources providing structured interactivity for learning.

All of these uses enable ongoing support and guidance from academics and mentors etc.