How do I make empty or unused content areas, folders or items unavailable?

If you have any empty/unused content areas, folders or items (e.g. irrelevant materials), then these should be hidden from students unil needed.

Hiding a content area (or other menu item) from students

Any empty content areas will automatically be hidden from students and will have the following image to the right of them denoting that they are not available to students.

To hide an unwanted content area or menu item: click the chevron to the right of it and select Hide Link from Students. The menu will now be hidden from student view.

You may have to hover your mouse on the content area or menu item name to see the chevron.

Hiding a folder or item from students

Step 1: Click the chevron to the right of the folder or menu item and select Edit

Step 2: On the Edit Folder or Edit Item page, scroll to Standard Options

Step 3: Change the Permit Users to View this Content to 'No'

Step 4: Click Submit

The folder or item will be 'greyed out' and it will state 'Item is not available' below its name.

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