How long are Blackboard sites available for at SHU?

There should be a new version of each Blackboard site every year for the new cohort of students. Blackboard sites from previous years have different lengths depending on the type of site:

Module sites

Blackboard module sites remain active on the system as long as any student who took that module is still at the University. Then one month after the last student leaves the site is archived for 24 months. When it is archived it can be retrieved (i.e., in case of a student appeal) by submitting a request to IT help.

Organisation sites

Blackboard organisation sites are available for one year normally. In September they are archived for one month.  For organisation sites that need to be available for longer than a typical academic year, a setting can be changed in the organisation site so it lasts longer.

To change this setting:

  1. Go to the MySHU tab in shuspace
  2. Click on the chevron next to your organisation site name
  3. Select Settings
  4. Change the date and Submit

Changes may take a couple of days to show up on the system.

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