What help and support is available for students with Blackboard?

Every Blackboard site is created with a link called 'Blackboard Help' in the site menu. Unless someone in the module has removed that link, students will be able to use it to access FAQs about Blackboard functionality.

These FAQs are searchable in shuspace and located alongside other support information to help students succeed. We have written the FAQs based on the most common questions students submit to IT Help, and will be regularly reviewing if there are any other FAQs needed. Some of the FAQs contain links to screencasts to support students with more complex tasks inside of Blackboard sites. These FAQs can be accessed at https://students.shu.ac.uk/shuspacecontent/elearning/blackboard

Students can also access technical IT support by contacting IT Advisory on extension 3333.

Students cannot access the Bb-support tab in shuspace. That tab is aimed at staff members and contains information on how to use Blackboard features from the staff perspective.

In the event you do not have a Blackboard Help link in your menu and you wish to add one please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the plus symbol at the top left of your site menu
  2. Select External Link
  3. For Name type Blackboard Help
  4. For URL type https://students.shu.ac.uk/shuspacecontent/elearning/blackboard
  5. Select the box Available to Users
  6. Submit

Students can also contact IT Help for issues with Blackboard on x3333 or at ithelp@shu.ac.uk

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