What guidance is available for using the Feedback Turnaround Report?

Feedback Turnaround Report Guidance

Purpose of report

The report provides details on the turnaround of feedback* provided in Grade Centre and highlights that which has been provided within 15 working days and that which has not. 

For all assessments in Blackboard, the report shows:

  • the anticipated feedback release date
  • the date that feedback was first released to students
  • the number of working days between the assessment due date and the feedback first being released
  • the number of students in the cohort for which feedback has been provided

The report provides a task summary at a faculty, department or module level, as well as a more detailed cohort level for each task.

*The report identifies any text comments, file attachments or completed rubrics in the Grade Centre against student papers and includes these in the feedback count, though no judgement is made as to whether these elements contain actual feedback nor as to its quality.

Which modules/tasks is the report available for?

The report includes all assessments in Blackboard. Any formative assessments created manually in Blackboard will display alongside any summative tasks and sub-tasks automatically set-up as part of the automatic creation of submission points and grade columns.

The report pulls assessment information (task name and due date†) from Blackboard. Inaccuracies may be reported by users when it is claimed the due date is incorrect e.g. when the due date for an assessment has been updated in SITS but not in Blackboard, or where the name of the grade column is changed and no longer matches the corresponding assignment.

Due date from Blackboard is overridden in certain circumstances by due date from SITS (e.g. extensions).

How up to date is the report?

The data in the report refreshes overnight. This means that any information about feedback will not appear on the report until after 9am the following morning after the feedback has been released.

How to access the report

How to run the report

  • Select your Faculty, followed by any further detailed level breakdown such as Department. You can also filter by:
    • Course ID – displays Blackboard site IDs for modules in the Faculty (or selected Department)
    • Module – displays module ID and names for modules in the Faculty (or selected Department)
    • Anticipated Feedback From Date and Anticipated Feedback To Date – to show only assessments with feedback due to be released between specific dates
    • Assessment From Date and Assessment To Date – to show only assessments with due dates between specific dates
    • Working Days To First Feedback – to show assessments where feedback has been released ‘Within 15 days’, ‘Over 15 days’, or those where there is ‘No assessment date’ specified
    • Academic Year - can currently only report on 2017/8 assessments
  • Click View Report to run the report. If you make any amendments to any filtering options, you will need to click View Report again to refresh the report. 

Report content

When the report is run, the following fields will be displayed in the summary view:

Field Description
Department Identifies the department and faculty
Course ID Blackboard site ID for the module
Module Leader Name of the module leader
Module Code Module code
Module Name Module name
Linked BB Indicates if the module is linked to another module in Blackboard
Assessment title Name of the assessment task
Assessment Due Date The due date for the task
Anticipated Feedback Release Date

The date when feedback should be made available to students. This is automatically calculated as 15 working days following the due date

Please note:

  • where no assessment due date exists, no anticipated feedback release date can be provided
First Date Feedback Added to Grade Centre The date when feedback was first entered or uploaded in Blackboard 
Last Date Feedback Added to Grade Centre The date when feedback was last entered or uploaded in Blackboard
Date Feedback First Released to Students

The date when the grade column in Blackboard was made available to students

Please note:

  • the report will only provide a figure where the number of working days to release feedback exceeds 15. This is given as the number of working days after the due date, not as the number of working days late
  • where the assessment deadline has not passed or the assessment deadline has passed and feedback is pending (i.e. within 15 working days), no figure is given
  • where no assessment due date exists, the report does not provide any data on the working days taken to release feedback to students
Student Count

The number of students in the cohort

Total Feedback Provided

The number of students in the cohort for which feedback has been entered or uploaded

Please note:

  • the report identifies feedback given as text comments, file attachments or completed feedback rubrics

A ‘red, amber, green’ colour scheme describing:

  • Feedback provided within 15 working days (green)
  • Assignment deadline passed feedback pending (amber), i.e. 15 working days have not yet passed since the assessment due date
  • Feedback late/provided after 15 days (red)
  • Assignment deadline not passed (no colour)
  • Due date does not exist. Cannot report on this assignment (no colour)

Search results can be sorted by ‘Assessment Due Date’ or ‘Anticipated Feedback Release Date by the chevron in these field headings.

A detailed breakdown showing the status of feedback for each student in the cohort can be accessed by clicking on the Course ID link (this will display results for all students and all tasks and sub-tasks in the module) or on the  Assessment Title link (this will display results for students for that task or sub-task only)

Results can be exported using the ‘Export’ option. 


If you have any queries please contact the Digital Learning Team.


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