How do I copy whole content areas or other parts of my sites to another site?

You can copy one or more whole content areas from one Blackboard site to another using the Module Copy tool, found in the left-hand menu under Control Panel > Copy & Export. You must be enrolled on both sites with at least instructor permissions.

To copy whole content areas or tools, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make a note of the Blackboard site ID of the site you wish to copy to. This can be found next to the module name in the list of modules on the Modules page of Blackboard and looks something like 44-411003-AF-20178.

Step 2: Go into the Blackboard site you want to copy from.

Step 3: In the Control Panel, select Copy & Export, then Module Copy (or Organisation Copy).

Step 4: You will then see a box next to Destination site ID, enter or paste the site ID you wish to copy the materials to (from step 1).

Step 5: Select the content areas or tools from the list you want to copy into the site using the tick boxes on the left hand side.

Step 6: Click Submit

The content will now be queued to be copied into the site you selected. You will recieve an email once the copy has been completed which normally takes a few moments. Note: Please wait for this email as if you request to copy the materials to the same place twice, you will have two copies of the materials.

If there is a content area with the same name in your destination site as one which you selected to copy, then your materials will be copied directly into that existing content area. If the name does not exist already, then a new content area will be added to the bottom of your site menu. You can then reorganise the menu so the areas appear in an appropriate order.


Updated: 28.09.2022 (CH)

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