How do I bulk upload student papers submitted from Blackboard to Turnitin?

In advance of using the option to bulk upload student papers, you need to consider how you are going to identify or associate work with the students enrolled on the module.

When bulk uploading papers to Turnitin, you have the option to upload the papers anonymously or associate each file with a student enrolled on the module.

If you choose to upload the papers anonymously, you will need to consider how you will identify students from the files that you upload. If you follow the process below for downloading student files from Blackboard the filename will be prefixed with the student code. You can use this to identify the student in the Blackboard Grade Centre (use Ctrl+F to look for the student number). Alternatively, if you are not marking work anonymously you might ask the student to add their name to the filename or within the work itself before they submit the work for marking). As it is recommended that students are provided with a formative opportunity to use Turnitin before it is used for processing summative submissions, you will need to ensure that the formative Turnitin assignment is set NOT to submit to the Repository. Failure to do this will result in a student's summative work matching their formative upload and likely producing a high similarity perecentage which will need to be cleared to view an accurate report for the summative piece of work.

If you choose to associate each file with the student enrolled on the module who submitted the work, you will need to determine this information from the filename. Following the process below will add the student code to the filename, but even with this information it may not be a particularly helpful or easy way of identifying the student during the association process. It might be more helpful to require students to add their full name to the filename. You should consider that associating files with students as part of the upload process might be more time consuming than identifying the students whose work you are following up on after viewing their similarity reports and percentage scores. There is also a risk that you may incorrectly associate one or more files and this may be difficult to resolve.

You can bulk upload student papers submitted from Blackboard to Turnitin by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Turnitin assignment in a hidden folder and ensure that the grade column for the Turnitin assignment is NOT visible to students.

For help on creating a Turnitin assignment, view our guidance on Setting up a Turnitin assignment

Step 2: Go to Control Panel > Module ToolsAdvanced Assignment Tool and perform the Download actions against the Blackboard assignment name, selecting the work of either all, groups or individual students. Ensure that the Package for plagiarism detection submission option is selected and save the package (zip) file to your computer.

Step 3: Go to Control Panel > Turnitin Assignments, and click on the name of the Turnitin assignment. When you're done, click the Submit button.

Step 4: Change the submission option preference from Single file upload to Zip file upload.

Step 5: Browse for the package (zip) that was downloaded in Step 2, click Upload. You will now be taken to the Submission page.

You can upload a zip file of papers to a Turnitin assignment. The zip file may be any size up to approximately 200MB and contain up to 1000 individual files. If the zip file exceeds either limit it will be rejected. Large Zip file uploads to Turnitin can take several hours to process.

Step 6: On the Submission page, under File Submission Preview, you can either match the files to the enrolled students or leave as non-enrolled student. Then, click Submit.

Step 7: You will see a review page. Click Submit to confirm the matches between student name and file are correct (or left as non-enrolled student for anonymous submissions) and to submit the student papers to Turnitin. A paper successfully submitted message will confirm the submission.

Step 8: Return to Control Panel > Turnitin Assignments, and click on the title of the Turnitin assignment to see the similarity index and access the originality report for each student. There will likely be a delay before all the reports are generated due to the processing time needed.


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